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ART Meccanica believes in the policy of little steps and to achieve important results it defines clear guidelines and concrete goals that involve the fleet and the production systems, but also the company team and the different stages of mechanical design and quality control.

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Our mechanical company looks to the future to increase its value on the region. Nowadays the desire to get involved and the teamwork represent important prerequisites to meet the different needs of customers, that they are our first testers.

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ART Meccanica works with the knowledge that it is necessary to grow the company’s know-how. So our workers follow a non-stop training.

Code of Ethics

We believe that a company should be evaluated, as well as for the quality of its products and services, also for its ability in producing value in accordance with its ethical principles.

For this reason transparency, honesty and traceability are the basis of our Code of Ethics. For us it is important not only convey these principles, but also the resulting values and responsibilities. We believe that business and corporate activities should be carried out within a framework of impartiality and mutual respect. Our choices are the result of an entrepreneurship based on economy criteria and efficiency to provide solutions and services with an high quality/price ratio. We also strongly believe in the value of human resources: the know-how of our team is our growth engine.
These values are an integral part of our company policy.

The Code of Ethics is an integral part of the Organization, Management and Control System, adopted by ART Meccanica under the D.Lgs. n° 231/2001 and n° 81/2008 to communicate the values and the basic rules of behavior.

With the certainty that an efficient work is the result of a constant collective commitment of every person involved, we attentively respect this Code through an accurate information and a careful control of actions and behaviors.
We invite you to read the fundamental values that distinguish our choices and actions.

Read and download our Code of Ethics

 Download Code of Ethics

Read and download our MOG (D.Lgs. n. 231/01)

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Our goals: little steps to a steady growth

ART Meccanica strongly believes in innovation and in the improvement of its skills and production techniques. For this reason the company chose to work at targets.

“Ever year we set clear objectives to achieve”, explains Giulio Artioli, founder of ART Meccanica.
“Indeed we found that work at targets makes us more determined and helps our growth”.

2015: towards new goals

In addition to the application of the 5S methodology, this year ART Meccanica has further optimized working standards and operational performance and it is able to make more stringent controls at the different stages of the production process.

  • Quality Control: creation of a second metrological room equipped with high precision technologies such as a new coordinate measuring machine Zeiss Accura II with CMM Touch probe 3D/VAST. Moreover it has been created a forced air change system with microfiltration and preheating to control  air quality and internal temperature.
  • Traciability: enhanced with the introduction of a laser marker with 30W fibrate laser. Each product manufactured by ART Meccanica is traceable with reference to the production batch, identified with our logo and a specific encoding.
  • Ecology: introduction of a ultrasonic washing machine to further reduce the presence of contamination on the products. The wash cycle also provides the use of natural agents, no-chemical. We have also started a process of relamping of the entire plant, with the replacement of the previous lighting with led lighting.

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For ART Meccanica, 2014 was the year of systems. We consolidated various projects with the purpose of  guarantee business continuity and to protect the products’ supply  with the adoption of systems that give us and our customers more protection:

  • Lgs. 231/2001 and Code of Ethics:adoption of the Administration, Management and Control System, drawn up with the Code of Ethics
  • UNI INAIL:Safety Management System drawn up and managed according to the UNI INAIL 2014 guidelines.
  • Trademark registration:in order to defend the autenticity of our products and to offer guarantees in case of problems, the trademark and the logo of ART Meccanica are registered at the European level.

Among the Systems adopted by ART Mecccanica for years, there are:

  • UN EN ISO 9001:2008: since 2003 the Quality Management System of ART Meccanica is certified by Kiwa Cermet.
  • Extended warranties on products: since 1994 all products manufactured by ART Meccanica have been protected by an insurance policy R.C. PRODUCT that covers potential products defects  and their withdrawal from the European market; since 2005 the coverage cap has been elevated to € 3ml.

After the introduction of new technologies, the main departments of ART Meccanica were expanded and underwent several changes that brought important innovations to production processes.
The production, organized in job shop, saw many improvements:

  • Three production lines from small to medium series (dimensions up to 1000x1000x1000mm);
  • New control tools for surfaces and methods of analysis and statistical control;
  • New computing tools and management services to control and manage production, installations and working environment.