• Via Allende 111/113 – 41122 Modena (Italy)


We produce mechanical parts in order to satisfy the most demanding needs for different types of applications.

The use of innovative technologies allows us to enlarge on highly diversified markets.




Ultralight aircraft

Automatic Machines

Dimensions and volumes

We produce from small to medium series and we manage the product in each phase of manufacturing process: raw material, manufacturing, special processes (heat treatments, welding, galvanizing) and quality control.

Thanks to our innovative metrological rooms, we are also able to control different processes.

  • Materials: cast iron, steel, aluminium (avional, ergal) and teflon.
  • Production volume: 180.000 pieces per year.
  • Batches: from 1 to 20.000 pieces per year.
  • Size: from 10 to 1.000 mm³.

Examples of our products