• Via Allende 111/113 – 41122 Modena (Italy)

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
Reg. No: 3872-A

“For us, this anniversary is not only an important milestone, but rather a commitment that is renewed and which must remain constant over time”.

Giulio Artioli
Founder and Manager of ART Meccanica
on the 10th Anniversary of Quality Certificate

Quality system

Customer needs and the required standards represent the basis of each process and business decision.
In 2003 the Quality Management System received by Kiwa Cermet the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the following products-services:

  • Design and production of parts and precision mechanical equipments.
  • Manufacture and assembly of precision mechanical parts and structural metalwork to the customer’s specifications.

ART Meccanica manages the instrumentation and quality control with the software QtyGest, and the measuring instruments are controlled by the EasyChip system.

Quality Control

The laboratory, created in 2000, has been renewed and powered in 2014 with the creation of a second Room.
We believe that Quality Control should be a crucial unit for processes optimization and analysis in relation with customers requirements. For this reason we have two highly innovative metrology rooms that help our technicians in checking the different phases of manufacturing process.

Both rooms are equipped with an energy efficiency system with led lighting, heat pumps and forced air change system with microfiltration and preheating. Both laboratories are monitored in real time about electricity consumption, temperature, humidity, vibrations and light.

In Room 2 has been added a new coordinate measuring machine Zeiss Accura II with CMM Touch probe 3D/VAST, that allows high precision controls on manufactured products. The surface scanning guarantees high performance on our processes. The staff is qualified in the use of measuring instruments, in the analysis of quality and control issues and in process analysis.

With our instrumentation we can check geometries, surfaces and hardness in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. The tools are calibrated both internally and externally by accredited SIT laboratories. The tools are managed with the management instrumentation Qtygest and the traceability with the RFID technology and the Easychip system.

Our Result

In ART Meccanica quality is the focal point of reference for any production process and for every business decision. We can see the results of years of commitment from the data that refer to the Quality System.



number of pieces delivered in 2014


average number of parts for delivery


number of figures produced


average percentage of defective products Over 98,2%: average punctuality of deliveries



Numero pezzi consegnati nel 2014


numero medio di pezzi in consegna


numero di figure realizzate


percentuale media di puntualita’ nelle consegne