• Via Allende 111/113 – 41122 Modena (Italy)


ART Meccanica is always looking for solutions to better meet the specific needs of each customer.

Thanks to a continuous development of products and processes, nowadays the company has advanced techniques and technologies of production, management, process analysis and control.

The company projects and realizes particulars and groups in the sector of precision machining in close collaboration with its customers.
The team checks the quality of products and services in accordance with customers’ needs.

Among the main internal activities of ART Meccanica there are:

  • Cad 2D/3D Design
  • Turning CNC
  • Milling CNC
  • Planar Grinding
  • Planar Lapping
  • Washing
  • Internal metrological laboratories

ART Meccanica is also engaged in network activities:

  • Design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Machining specialist (gearing, grinding)
  • Heat and surface treatments
  • Steel working and welding
  • Working of sheet metal

Production departments

ART Meccanica is a dynamic reality that considers experience and innovation as engines of growth in the field of precision mechanics. For this reason, since 2003 every two years the layout and the equipment of ART Meccanica have been constantly updated.

The production, organized in job shop, has seen many improvements:

  • Three production lines from small to medium series (dimensions up to 1000x1000x1000mm);
  • New control tools for surfaces and methods of analysis and statistical control;
  • New computing tools and management services to control and manage production, installations and working environment.

Thanks to the introduction of high-technology tools, also the Quality Control Department has seen several improvements over years. In particular, in 2014 we created a second metrological laboratory for high precision measurements, equipped with a new measuring machine Zeiss Accura II with 3D/VAST.


ART Meccanica designs and produces most of the products within the company, thanks to the use of an updated equipment.

To be competitive in the subcontracting, in addition to lapping, tumbling and gearing departments, the company uses CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, presses and other traditional machinery.